Warm spinach and pine nut salad!

I love raw foods, I love how they make me feel! living in the UK in winter does not always inspire me to eat every meal raw. I like to have mostly raw foods which are mostly YIn and some cooked warming foods containing Yang to balance my Spirit, Mind and Body. This recipe is delicious and balancing.
Spinach 4 cups
red pepper
creamed coconut (I used tinned)
2 bulbs garlic
3 small chillis
1/2 cup pine nuts
half punnet mushrooms
sea salt to taste
baby tomatoes 1 cup
3 tbsp walnuts
chopped chive 3 tbsp
chilli powder 1 tsp
half a can of coconut milk
pepper to taste
tbsp coconut oil
How to:
Wash spinach
chop mushrooms and peppers
chop garlic, chillies and walnuts
warm coconut oil in pan
place mushrooms, pine nuts and tomatoes in pan with oil
in a separate pan place garlic, chillies and coconut milk
season both pans to taste
warm both pans through
add chives to coconut milk
place spinach in a bowl
place mushroom mix on top of spinach
pour garlic coconut cream onto spinach and mushroom mix
top off with red pepper and chopped walnuts
leave for 5 minutes
Eat and enjoy the warm creamy salad