Are you a Gentically Modified Human Being!!

I am in deep thought here! I am on day 17 of a 21 day cleanse. I am a true believer that we are what we eat. Although I will be honest Gillian Mckeith scares me alongside many others I am sure.
Since becoming Vegan this April I am feeling amazing. I am gradually integrating more Raw Foods I feel a greater connection with nature and the world around me. I feel lighter yes literally lighter as I have lost 18 pounds since becoming Vegan. Its not because I starve myself.. Oh No! I love my food. I have been creative and inventive with my meals. I am still searching for a replacement to Friday night good ol greasy chips with lashings of salt & vinegar.
I am currently offering a reward for anyone who can deliver me a nutritious Raw substitute for chips.
MMMMMMM I appear to have digressed as usual. My original question….. Are you a Genetically Modified Human Being ? I was wondering as we are literally what we eat, if you are eating mostly Genetically Modified foods ? Could you be a Genetically Modified Human Being. Its a scary thought really isn’t it! I do my best to buy organic food where I can and grow my own vegetables from heritage seeds. Even this is not guaranteed unfortunately, there is so much corruption in the food industry as its Big Big Money!