28 days Raw day 7

I decided I needed a rest day today! Luckily I am able to have one. I have eaten very light just fruit as my Daughter has invited me over for a roast dinner. I am going to have just vegetables. It has inspired me to create a Sunday no roast! I have it all planned in my head. It is turning cold here in the UK now I find leaving food out of the fridge for a few hours before eating rely helps. I will use the dehydrator to just take the edge off some dishes. I have been feeling the cold quite a lot. This is due to eating mainly Yin foods
Part of my experiment with going raw is to find a way to sustain a raw diet without becoming to Yin. As I’ve eaten a few cooked meals this week I really need to get back into the cleanse. It’s all about balance and maintaining equilibrium!


28 day raw day six

I woke feeling really good considering I ate cooked food last night. I had hoisin tofu starter which was delicious, For main I had a vegan rice dish with lots of raw bean sprouts, spring onions, radish etc with a peanut drizzle dressing. I had a vegan desert of dipping donuts. I could have stopped at the starter, it was lovely and filling enough. I ate the meal and it was lovely. I would have enjoyed raw food more. There is only one raw restaurant in the UK that I no of in London.
I will not make a habit of eating out yet I am not ready to completely stop. I make more informed choices of foods now than I ever have when eating out. I would always go for the naughtiest dish just because I can and guess its an excuse when eating out.
I am pleased I’m not feeling guilty.

28 days raw day five

I woke up with a headache, this is probably down to a mixture of stress and chocolate last night. It was raw chocolate I made. I had grapefruit juice for breakfast, this lifted my headache and I felt loads better. I am off to my friend in Brighton today. She is taking me for dinner to a vegetarian restaurant I am really looking forward to it. I know this means ill be eating some cooked food ill keep it light and guilt free. Here’s to a good weekend with spending time with my friend I’ve known 35 years. She is a meat eater so were meeting halfway going to a vegetarian restaurant. It’s all about balance.

28 days Raw day Four

I have a long day ahead with lots of driving. I’ve prepared my lunch last night. I made a pizza for last nights dinner as felt I needed something filling wholesome and comforting. It was delicious. It’s that time of the month when some of us ladies need to think about cravings etc. I made some raw hazelnut chocolate the other night for the cinema so I had some of that last night and have saved some for today. I know it’s not on the plan but this is about me individualizing my Raw Food diet. I love chocolate, I do not need it! I enjoy it and at certain times of the month my body says Chocolate please sometimes I ignore sometimes I indulge in a few squares. I do not see this as an issue. In fact I enjoy it! Lets see what today holds. Here is a picture of my pizza it was amazing even if I do say so myself ๐Ÿ™‚


28 Days Raw Day Three

I have woke up feeling good. I have a new class starting today teaching Tai Chi, I am looking forward to it. Its always exciting when I start a new group especially seeing different reactions from people when experiencing the amazing flow of Tai Chi for the first time. I’m looking forward to my Shrek juice this morning and a workout.


28 Days Raw Day Two

I got up today feeling good. I have been working on the happiness exercises that are included in the program. Its quite interesting thinking about what makes us happy! I have been focusing on small things that make me happy. Moments that make me happy. Feelings and thoughts that make me smile.
Today I had some fruit for breakfast, salad with a few walnuts for lunch and nut sushi for dinner they were scrummy and filling. I couldn’t eat them all so I have saved some for lunch tomorrow. I went to the cinema tonight with my partner, I decided to make myself some raw chocolate to take with me as a treat. I have been craving chocolate for a while now. I made a concious decision to allow myself some as a reward for all my hard work. Its so much nicer when we have the head space to consult our cravings, debate with them and make an informed choice. I made raw chocolate with crushed hazelnuts, I took a small amount in a bag to eat during the film. I put a couple of straws in my bottle of water to make it feel special. One massive lesson I have learnt is the rituals of my eating habits.
If we can change the ritual just slightly each time a new healthier ritual replaces old habits.
I am going to have a Shrek Juice in the morning. I am going to really increase my exercise for this 28 Day Challenge to really kick start my body.

28 Days Raw Day One

Yesterday I finished the 21 day Garden Diet Cleanse and today I am starting 28 Days Raw. I am really pushing the boundaries here. I am loving the challenge and embracing the changes. I have learnt so much about myself and others during my journey so far.ย 

I started today with freshly squeezed orange juice, avocado salad for lunch with pine nuts and chilli.

Dinner I had tabbouleh salad made with hemp seeds, avocado, chilli, garlic and onion it was delicious. It was so nice I dived in without taking a photo.

I am looking forward to see what other changes take place as my body is allowed to go deeper into cleansing itself.

Day 21 Yay I did it :-)

I’ve achieved 21 days Raw with only a couple of minor set backs. Wow! I’ve lost 5 pound in weight. An inch of my waist, hips and ribs. I feel great. I’m really looking forward to starting 28 days raw now.
Pictures to follow.


Day 20 only one day to go!

Wow! One day left ๐Ÿ™‚
I have a party to go to tonight! I’m keeping it simple again today. Fruit for breakfast, pear and banana. Shrek juice for lunch and I’m hoping there is salad at the party tonight.
I made a apple pie to eat before I go to party to make sure I’m not hungry.
I got so many comments tonight at the party at how good I look. It’s made me feel better than I did. I had some carrot and celery with hummus and some peanuts from the bar. I had a soda water with lime juice. Feel so good for not being tempted by the sandwiches etc.