My journey of becoming Vegan!

My 40th Birthday is next month thought its time to make some more changes to my already healthy lifestyle. I am all for getting older, I consider myself very lucky to be here on Earth. I appreciate every day of my life, I love life!
So back to me becoming Vegan, this is going to take some time I can see!
On 1st April 2012 I decided after many years as a vegetarian to cut out dairy and caffeine completely. It was far easier than I imagined it would be.
I have since then gradually eaten more Raw foods slowly replacing cooked meals with more raw vegetables and salad.
This has been reasonably easy, considering it is British Summertime. I have had some serious cravings for potatoes though as this is my weakness, not forgetting biscuits.
I feel much better in my skin. I feel cleaner and have more energy. Although I do need to work on staying awake during a film :-/ I have never been very good at that! Even at the cinema.
When I first introduced more raw foods I had quite a few detox symptoms whilst my body was purging the toxins from my system. These included a rash, tiredness, moodiness, diarrhoea, and general lethargy.
I didn’t let all of the uncomfortable stuff discourage me, instead, I looked at it as better out than in.
I have lost 18 pounds in weight and dropped a dress size. I didn’t change my diet to lose weight I made changes so I can feel better and to remove the guilt of knowing how poorly animals are treated so we can indulge our taste buds!
I wish I had done it years ago; I was ignorant of how poor the animals are treated. I always bought organic dairy, but sadly this does not mean our animals get treated any better.
If  you are considering going vegan please watch this video Gary Yourofsky
Bye for now x