Dear Mum

Dear Mum 

23 years today we said our goodbye…. 

It was goodbye for now not goodbye forever as I know life is eternal, however this didn’t make saying goodbye any easier. I am grateful that I was able to hold your hand as you took your last breath’s and be there for you to let you know you was safe and that the place you was off to visit next you will love. I knew you’d love this place because as last you will be free! Free from pain and free from the prison of your mind that had held a big cloud over your life for as long as I can remember.  

Mum thank you for being courageous, thank you for being strong, thank you for bringing me into this world… I know choosing to keep me was a big choice for you and I thank you for choosing to give me life at the same time as choosing to sacrifice your life, the vision of your life before you discovered you we’re pregnant with me. Thank you for my warm place to grow in your womb and for the rides on the back of Dad’s moped whilst you we’re pregnant and for hiding me under your wedding dress in the best way you could and for the long and painful labour to deliver me into this world, for feeding me and clothing me, nurturing and loving me, Thank you for being YOU!!  

Thank you for the lessons you taught me, there is still some question’s I need answered but I know they will get answered and I know there is things that have happened since you’ve passed over that you are not happy about and would have been different if you we’re still around. I trust you will deal with this at the right time.  

Mum I love and honour you  

Love from Stella xx