26 day cleanse

Well it’s been a journey this time! I thought I’d cleared a load of emotional stuff the last long cleanse I done in October. I will write in greater depth in the future. I have had pretty much a 3 day juice fast last three days except for a few almonds and some biscuits and crisps ๐Ÿ™‚ yes I know biscuits and crisps of all things. I went to visit my nephew on his Birthday Tuesday night and there was temptation right in front of me! I didn’t resist and do I care ? No! If you think something will make you feel bad it will, if you think it won’t it won’t ๐Ÿ™‚ simple! I had a water fast on Sunday. I have had a few cooked meals during this cleanse and coffee. I am very happy with what I have achieved. I made myself a lightly cooked Thai curry last night with veg from allotment, some coconut milk, lots garlic and chilli. My body needed something warming, filling and yummy. I also had it with some rice which I added lemon and coconut all washed down with coconut water. To finish my cleanse today I’m off for a full body exfoliate, body wrap, steam and sauna ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be doing a 3 day green juice cleanse shortly would love some of you to join me! Much love Stella x


Day 15 Raw Cleanse

My Cleanse is going well! Had a few set backs which I will write about later. Had this yesterday its raw courgette pasta with a pesto, peanut,chilli sauce I had some fresh purple sprouting broccoli from my allotment. Yum!
Today I’m having raw muesli for brekkie any minute now.
I will be having 3 day juice fest probably at the weekend, then a water fast next week I may try two day water fast see if I’m brave enough.
I have made some raw vegan bacon too will post recipe and pics when I get time. Off to work shortly to teach some Tai Chi ๐Ÿ™‚ love it!
Have a good day
Enjoy the Sun if your in Essex x

White Chocolate with Strawberry & Vanilla

Thought I would have a go at making some white chocolate tonight. I added some dried strawberry pieces. Yummy is all I am going to say. I have only eaten one small square as I am on a cleanse. It’s in the freezer now waiting patiently for when I want a cheeky nibble ๐Ÿ™‚
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Frivolous Friday ;-) day 5 of my 26 day raw cleanse

Yay today is Friday and I do have the Friday feeling ๐Ÿ™‚
I am meeting with 19 friends tonight for a vegan meal. I had this arranged before I decided to go on a cleanse so tonight I will have a light cooked vegan meal. I do not get silly when I’m on a cleanse if I really want something then I shall have it! Why deny myself or suffer that’s not what life is about. I choose to be eating this way, my choice if I want to have cooked or raw foods.
I had some fruit water in the morning, a shrek juice for lunch (recipe on blog somewhere)
For the meal i had a couple of spring rolls for starters then I had a vegan Thai curry with rice for main, I could only manage half of the meal. A vegan chocolate cake for desert again could only eat half.
It was a great evening with wonderful friends.



Mmmmm I do love plums Tuesday! Day 9 of my 26 day raw spring cleanse

I wasn’t hungry until 12 so i opted for raw muesli made with fresh hemp milk I’d made yesterday.
Tonight Jamie helped me prepare lots of fresh veg for spring rolls. I made a raw plum sauce, sweet & sour and a spicy satay.
I used aubergine to create a duck style filling, which was greasy, salty and hit the spot. They were delicious!





Feeling Fruity Thursday ;-) day 5 of my 26 day raw spring cleanse

Woke up today feeling wide eyed and bushy tailed ๐Ÿ™‚
I started the day with a Green hemp smoothie I love these as they are filling nutritious, boost the immune system and are great fun to create. hemp is natures perfect food for Vegans/Vegetarians as it contains balanced amounts of omega 3, 6 and 9. Hemp is great for the brain, skin and all of our organs. I have stumbled upon a great article about hemp at hemptons
Hemp milk recipe:
3 tablespoons of hemp seeds (grind with a coffee grinder or pestle and mortar)
2/3 cups of distilled or pure water
3 dates
Add hemp, water and dates into food processor, blender or smoothie maker
Whizz up until water turns milky
Strain out hemp shells with nut bag, sieve or whatever you have
Simple, now you have hemp milk ๐Ÿ™‚
Hemp smoothie recipe:
Put your hemp milk into blender
1 tsp raw cacao powder
1tsp maca powder
1tsp barley grass powder
1tsp wheat grass powder
1tsp lucuma powder
1tsp spirulina powder
1 banana
1 tsp raw honey
Whizz together and enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚
You can get your powders, more recipes and lots of information about the nutritional benefits at Indigo herbs

I had water throughout day then a salad at 5 pm
Unfortunately I tucked into the salad and had eaten half of it before I remembered to take a picture :-/
I used Kale in the salad, rocket, baby leaf, pine nuts, olives and I made a mint dressing with mint leaves, olive oil, tsp raw honey, tsp cider vinegar and dash lemon juice.
I had a raw chocolate desert after that I’d made previously from freezer.
Yum yum bubblegum ๐Ÿ™‚

Day Three of my Raw Cleanse

I started the day with freshly made Almond milk. (See recipe below)
I added a banana, a teaspoon of Spirulina, two teaspoons of maca powder, two teaspoons of Lucuma, 1teaspoon of cacao, 2 heaped teaspoons of hemp powder and 1 teaspoon of honey (organic, fair trade and certified)
I drank water during day
Salad at 6pm
With alfalfa I sprouted, hemp oil, half avocado, onion, pepper, watercress and kale.
Too make almond milk
1 cup of Almonds (grind with coffee grinder or vitamix)
3 dates
2.5 or 3 cups of water (depends on strength you like)
Blend all together then strain with muslin bag or tights (preferably a new pair and defiantly not you’ve stolen from your Nan ๐Ÿ˜‰
Will store in fridge for a few days.
Drink on its own, in hot drinks, cooking or smoothies its so versatile.
Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚



Day one and two of my 28 day Raw Spring Cleanse

Just a quick post as its bedtime.
Day one
I had 2 green juices, courgette pesto pasta, chai almond milk tea, raw cupcake and lots distilled water.
Day two
Green juice and a banana in morning. Went for a little jog, I mean little as its not my strong point and im only just recovering from whiplash.
Water throughout day, Green juice at 6 then off to a Zumba class then a bellydance class. I had a couple of vegan cookies during day that my Daughter had made me (rude not too ๐Ÿ™‚
I’m feeling funky! I love the way I feel when starting a cleanse. I am taking it slow. I will be having banana almond milkshake for breakfast, a super salad for lunch with sprouts and some hemp oil, sunflower seeds and a little garlic, then a juice later in day. I will post in more detail the juices later.
Night night x



My Dairy free/ Vegan. One year Birthday!

Happy birthday to me ๐Ÿ™‚ today is my Dairy Free Birthday!
1 year today since I made the best decision of my life!
The best decision for my Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Self.
Never underestimate the power you have within, you can surprise yourself! believe me I have!
It all started with a post it note, yep that’s right a post it note ๐Ÿ™‚ its amazing the power a post it note holds! An affirmation, a statement to your subconscious mind.
In this last year of becoming vegan I have experienced massive shifts and changes in my self and my life!
I have more energy than ever before, I have discovered you do not need to eat no where as much as we fool ourselves we need to.
I find the lighter more nutritious I eat the better I feel. The old Stella wouldn’t leave the house without a veggie snack, for fear of going hungry ๐Ÿ™‚
The old Stella wouldn’t be able to have no solid food for a few days. I have been vegetarian for a large part of my life. This last phase which is here to stay has been 7 years. I struggled to eat meat as a youngster and to be honest it gave me some OCD type behaviours. I would struggle to swallow whilst eating which was really awful and embarrassing especially when at a friends house etc I used to start to think of the little lamb or the cow I had in my mouth and I couldn’t swallow, I also didn’t like the texture of meat. If I see a vein or bone I would make excuses not to eat the meal, I didn’t like the smell of meat either. Unfortunately for me and all children who are natural vegetarians I didn’t have a choice. My Parents didn’t have much money for food. My Dad grew his own vegetables in the garden which was a blessing. I learnt to enjoy homegrown vegetables and through helping my Mum and Dad in the garden I’ve grown up loving gardening and growing vegetables. I have and allotment, a poly tunnel and raised beds in the garden. I Love producing my own food from quality heritage seeds. I love nothing more than getting my hands in the soil and working with the seeds, witnessing new life emerging. It always brings me back to my roots of being human, it also symbolises changes in my own life. Growing your own food experiencing the cycles of nature, the cycle of birth and death.
I started experimenting with Raw Food 7 years ago after going on a Raw Food Tai Chi retreat in Assissi. I had never experienced eating purely fruit for a whole day then exercising and walking up mountains. It was pure bliss! I felt amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ I underestimated the power of myself!
I have discovered how powerful our subconscious mind is! The little demon that sits on our shoulder nagging in our ear, the scared demon acting from fear. Whispering that your a failure, you cannot achieve, you should go back to your old ways. The key is manifesting a little Angel who sits in pure joy and comes from a place of love. She whispers to your subconscious mind how wonderful you are, she whispers to you, yes you can! she brings you back to a place of love <3
A year ago today I made the decision to go 100% Dairy free/ egg free/ vegan (whatever label you want to stick on it) alongside my Vegetarian diet.
I wrote a post it note with 1st April no dairy or eggs. That was it simple, I had slowly been transitioning over a couple of years to less and less dairy. I had become more and more uncomfortable about the way the animals are treated and the quality of what I was consuming. Realising that some animals never see daylight, that baby male chicks are thrown in bin bags live! Just so I can feed my desire for cheese, eggs, milk etc. I started to become more and more conscious of this, I researched information to clarify how animals were treated. I was quite angry at myself at one stage for not becoming Vegan years ago. I do appreciate some dairy farmers treat the animals with care and respect. Even so I now would not eat or drink dairy produce as I know it’s not good for my health.
Since becoming dairy/egg free and introducing a high raw diet my health and vitality has improved immensely. I have been healthy for 15 years since I moved away from the pharmecutical drugs but that’s another story for another day. Its amazing how you think your healthy, then you make changes and you realise you was not as healthy as you thought.
I have lost two stone in weight with no effort at all, it was a great side effect.
Below is a before and after picture.
Men you can switch off for the next bit if you like ๐Ÿ™‚

My periods are now not a problem at all ๐Ÿ™‚ after suffering for 28 years and I mean suffering! Sometimes having days off school/work, dreading my period arriving each month. Sleepless nights in agony, days spent with hot water bottles, taking pills from the doctor (when I was younger) oh I’ve tried it all. I actually hated my period it was not unusual to hear me say ” I wish I was a Man”
Since going dairy/egg free and high raw foods they have been virtually pain free. This happened within a month, I now occasionally get a small griping pain and that’s it! I now embrace my periods, I no longer dread them arriving each month. I forget I’m on my period. I am thankful for having them and being a woman. For those of you that suffer every month I know you will understand exactly where I’m coming from and I’m sure that includes men who suffer ๐Ÿ˜‰
I have since had emails from people sharing that their periods became pain free after going vegan so I know I’m not alone.
I have so much more energy now than ever before, my skin is clearer, my eyes brighter and my waist 4inches smaller which is a bonus.
My girls who are 21 and 18 have been a great support to me especially now I no longer buy or have any meat foods in the house. My Grandson who is 2 particularly love fruits dried in the dehydrator. Everyone supported me at christmas joining in on a nut roast Christmas Day which everyone loved. My sister Heidi made me a lovely vegan pizza recently. My friends are all very supportive meeting me in coffee shops or at the Railway Hotel Pub that serve vegetarian/vegan options I feel blessed to have the backing and support of my family and friends.
Bring on the next year
Stella xx