28 day Raw Angry Monday!

I’ve woke up feeling very angry and agitated! Why are us Vegans/Raw Foodies the odd ones out ? We are the sensible ones! We care enough to try and make a change, yet we are penalized for our choices! We are looked at by some (not all) people as crazy, neurotic, weird, two headed beings! I can probably take all but the last one most days ๐Ÿ™‚ seriously though what is going on in the world! What is so weird about eating wholesome natural food that Mother Earth provides ? Oh it’s normal to eat food that has been made in a factory using ingredients that I cannot even pronounce, oh that’s fine! That’s normal! Yet little ol me eating natural food, I’m odd! To be honest I’m glad I feel this emotional about it because I am proud to be me! I am no longer going to make excuses or pretend I’m not hungry etc I am entitled to eat whatever I like without any questions asked. It’s my body, my life and my choice!! Today I have eaten fruit, salad with avocado pear, walnuts, goji berries, almonds and wasabi dressing.

28 days Raw grumpy Sunday!!

Mmmm well…. Today was interesting. I had all sorts of emotions emerging, I think it’s where I have been squashing stuff down with food. It’s all coming up, it’s quite a scary feeling. I keep working through it and trying to remain conscious. I didn’t eat much today, a couple pieces of fruit a salad and water. I notice I feel more energized the less I eat, especially on juices ๐Ÿ™‚ I prefer Raw foods to cooked, I love the feeling that its nourishing my body, mind and soul! I am questioning a lot more my choices of food too. I’m really looking forward to the future and seeing where this goes. I am getting frustrated though at small minded people whom do not try and understand why I choose this lifestyle! I feel judged sometimes like I have two heads. It is their issue not mine! I am feeling bolder about being vegan I am proud of who I am and my choices! Like it or lump it!

28 days raw Saturday day

I got up today and felt I needed a good workout, I done a Zumba workout. I love Zumba it’s so much fun. I can feel the difference in my body when doing my workouts now. I feel lighter, fitter and faster. I have been a slow coach my whole life, it’s often frustrating for people, my pace. I have come to accept it now yet I used to feel negative about myself because of it.
I weighed myself on the Wii Fit today
I have lost two pound. I now weigh 8st 11pound, since going vegan and introducing lots Raw food I have lost two stone, that’s 28 pound. I am only 5ft 2in so that is a lot for my small frame. I didn’t feel big at 10st 11pound. I was aware that I was curvy but I didn’t feel overly big or anything. I have dropped a dress size to size 10 UK. It’s not just been about what I eat though it’s my change in mental attitude towards food. My change in mental attitude about myself too. That is how the weight has come off, its the weight I was carrying in my soul and the toxins I was carrying in my extra fat. I do feel amazing and so proud of my achievements. I didn’t become Vegan to lose weight I became Vegan because of my love of animals.

28 days raw Friday day 12

I woke up feeling full of energy and really happy! I had my Grandson for the day today, he is 17 months old. So cute. I had watermelon juice this morning and took another one with me to the playgroup we went to. I was so determined to stick to raw today. At the playgroup they made homemade meals for everyone, it was for all the parents/carers and children to sit and eat together. I was with my sister I said to her they prob wont cater for vegans but not to worry I have juice with me. My sister said to the lady I am vegan and bless her she said no problem give me a minute. It was so nice to feel accepted, not made to feel odd or like I have two heads. She came back and said we have Mediterranean beans with orange and peppercorns, salad and new potatoes with herbs. I said yes! It was only a small plate luckily, some of the food is home grown. It felt very odd to be in a church hall eating such delicious food made with love! That is something I am very aware of! Food made with Love! It’s beautiful and that’s when it’s hard to say no to cooked food. I had almond milk with nutmeg for dinner. I didn’t feel any effects from the cooked food. This really is a challenge this week to keep 100% Raw.

28 days raw day 11

Water fast today. I was tired when I woke this morning. It took me a whole to get going. I made two bottles of water with lime juice added for some flavour. I had a busy day at work today started at 9.15am finished at 9 pm.
I’ve managed to stick to the water fast ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve had a few moments of weakness. My tummy feels empty, I have fantasised about food quite a bit today. I am looking forward to not being restricted, i really don’t like being restricted in any way. I have noticed how much I rely on food to pick up my moods. I have found the water fast easier than the juice only day. I’m looking forward to the almond milk tommorow for dinner. I am going to add cinnamon and nutmeg to the milk. I have had a lot more energy today and my moods are light.

28 days raw day 10

Juice only day! Wow what a day, I have really struggled today. So many times I’ve wanted to go grab some hot greasy chips, made excuses in my mind to eat something. I am so proud of myself for getting through the day. I didn’t give in to my inner demon. I had grapefruit and orange juice for breakfast, melon juice for lunch and banana and orange juice for dinner. I had two cups of herb tea. Tomorrow is water fast. I’m determined to get through it.


28 days raw day nine

It’s not gone too well today! I had fruit all day. Then tonight I had some cooked vegetables with some bread. It’s cold and dark in the evenings now in the Uk. I need to get back on track and maybe come up with some meals more suitable for the Uk autumn season to help me stay raw. Back to the drawing board.

28 days raw day 8

My busiest day Mondays! I am having beetroot, ginger, cucumber and celery juice for breakfast. I made enough for lunch too. I am having avocado sushi roll for lunch and salad for tea.
I can feel myself getting lighter again now the cooked food is working its way through my system. I’m proud of myself for planning so I have food for the day. I will be having a fruit day Tom instead of today.

Big beetroot from my garden. Yum!