28 days Raw grumpy Sunday!!

Mmmm well…. Today was interesting. I had all sorts of emotions emerging, I think it’s where I have been squashing stuff down with food. It’s all coming up, it’s quite a scary feeling. I keep working through it and trying to remain conscious. I didn’t eat much today, a couple pieces of fruit a salad and water. I notice I feel more energized the less I eat, especially on juices 🙂 I prefer Raw foods to cooked, I love the feeling that its nourishing my body, mind and soul! I am questioning a lot more my choices of food too. I’m really looking forward to the future and seeing where this goes. I am getting frustrated though at small minded people whom do not try and understand why I choose this lifestyle! I feel judged sometimes like I have two heads. It is their issue not mine! I am feeling bolder about being vegan I am proud of who I am and my choices! Like it or lump it!

28 days raw day nine

It’s not gone too well today! I had fruit all day. Then tonight I had some cooked vegetables with some bread. It’s cold and dark in the evenings now in the Uk. I need to get back on track and maybe come up with some meals more suitable for the Uk autumn season to help me stay raw. Back to the drawing board.

Day 17 only 4 days to go!!!!

I am feeling very motivated today. I have created a gorgeous no-meat sesame ball after being inspired by yesterdays dinner of raw falafel. I put some chilli, onions and garlic to marinade in some olive oil overnight. For lunch today I had a chilli salad with no-meat balls and avocado pear. I have had a busy few days and needed something filling and comforting. This hit the mark it was yummy! I am having a pear, pineapple and orange juice for dinner tonight. I have been busy on the computer today preparing my courses I will be teaching over the next ten weeks. I have three courses running for parents at local schools and one for a drug and alcohol drop in centre. They are Raising Hopes and Aspirations, Healthy Lifestyle, Tai Chi and Cooking on a budget.
I love my job and feel very honoured to work with diverse groups of learners. I learn something new on every course I teach about myself and others.


Day 16 Yay! Week 3 Day two!

I am so pleased with myself for getting this far with only a couple of hiccups. It has been an amazing journey of self discovery.
I have lost 5 pound in the last two weeks. I am noticing how my shape is changing. I have lost belly fat and my face has changed. Its odd because I dont quite recognise myself. This week I am going to get creative with my menu. I am going to experiment with juices.
i have felt no ill effects from the cooked food I ate.


Day 15

Day 15 last week of my 21 Day Garden diet Raw food Cleanse!

I am really looking forward to this week as I can be creative with the menus.
Today I had banana and orange juice breakfast.
Peppery salad with nut dressing and avocado.
I skipped a meal today because of working so many hours.
I have decided to have a juice of some kind for breakfast or fruit. Experiment with additions to my salads.
It is colder here in the UK and im less tempted to eat cold meals. I remove foods from the fridge in advance and I have used the dehydrator just to take the edge of my salads.
Bring It on!
A hobby of mine is taking photographs I also enjoy editing the images. This one below was a beautiful flower from the south of France. It reminds me of Beauty Within each and everyone one of us.

Day 14 Easing out Sunday

Day 14 Easing out Sunday!
Yesterday didn’t go quite as I had planned 
I had my beetroot juice for breakfast and took one with me for lunch.
We visited a couple of English Heritage sites Lullingstone Villa Roman ruins, beautiful place and Lullingstone Castle and world gardens.
After these we made our way to our room. It was at a service station, not quite how it had been advertised. Lucky it was only a night we were staying. We went over to the shops at the service station to look on our phones for a local place to eat. As we were on the motorway everything was a fair drive. There was a Costa Coffee at the services I decided to have a Chai Soya Latte, I was fighting with myself in my head. I ended up
Convincing myself it was ok to have a latte. Not to bad on the grand scale of things. I drank half of a small latte, it was ok but whilst I was drinking I was thinking id much prefer a nut milk with some cinnamon. There is something so pleasurable about eating and drinking foods that I know are good for me as well as delicious.
After much searching and not much to choose from, we then decided on a Chinese Buffet restaurant. It advertised a salad bar. There was about 4 items on the salad bar that didn’t look very good. I buckled to the smell of hot Chinese food. I had some mushrooms in rice wraps and some mixed veg. I only ate a small amount and didn’t feel guilty.
Again back to my challenge of eating out! I am pleased with myself that I didn’t overeat at the Chinese.
My only concern is how will affect the cleanse.

Day 13 Saturday power cleansing day!

I have woke up full of energy today! Feeling very positive and full of life! It does help my partner is taking me away for the night. We are going to visit some English heritage sites today and tomorrow. It does bring some stress with it as we have to eat. I’ve decided to have a Big Fresh Juice to finish off fruit and veg i have. Ive used beetroot (from garden) cucumber (from allotment) 4 plums, 3 small apples, chunk ginger, half lemon. Ended up with this gorgeous deep pink frothy juice.
I plan on having salad for lunch. Tonight I will ask if we can find somewhere that does a nice salad or has a salad bar. I shall have fruit in the morning and maybe a smoothie or salad for lunch on Sunday. A big part of me going raw is to integrate it into my life. My partner eats meat yet also enjoys most foods I prepare. I mostly cook vegetarian for the family sometimes chicken rarely red meat. My partner is a firefighter so gets fed at work which is helpful for me as those days/nights I just think about me. My 17 year old generally sorts her own food out on those nights too and when I’m working etc. I feel it’s important for children to be independent.
Here is too a good day and to overcome some challenges.

This is why I choose not eat animals! They love unconditionally too!


Day 12 easing out of water fast!

I woke up feeling a bit low in energy yet know a juice will revive me. I started the day with a Shrek juice as I had lots of kale, cucumbers and pears to use up. It felt good to drink the juice.
The water fast brings lots of questions up ?? The first is how do people cope in the third world! Why are we so obsessed with food! With regard to people coping with so little food and water, I guess it’s just that coping, surviving. Us humans have amazing built in coping mechanisms. We are so rich nowadays that we rarely have to use them, I’m talking about our most basic coping mechanisms. Food, water, shelter. I feel lucky everyday for all that I have, the water fast really brings that home. That’s why I decided it would be easy for me because I’m doing this through choice, to benefit my body. How lucky am I! Because my mind was set that it was going to be easy, guess what it was! Our mind is our best friend or worst enemy. Why are we so obsessed with food ? Because we can be! That’s it! I really think its only because we can be. Also because the media, the higher powers that pull our strings want us to be too! It makes lots of fat cats even fatter! That’s my ramblings over for now.
I had coconut and pineapple juice for lunch
Almond milk at 4pm
I ate the almond bits from the milk as I do not have a vita mix at present.
I also had an avocado salad as I felt I needed something more.
Felt really good today.


Day 11 Water fast

Water fast! It’s been an interesting day, it’s odd because I haven’t felt hungry. No hunger pangs, I think my tummy is getting used to the emptiness feeling. Its liberating knowing I can do it! I’ve only had water with a few slices of lemon in to flavour. I cooked a meal for the family, well heated actually. It smelt good, I had a bath and meditated whilst they ate. I’ve been working all day teaching Tai Chi, drove quite alot. I’ve had no ill effects as yet. I have felt great today, full of energy and very happy. I am ready to sleep now though.
Looking forward to a juice in the morning.
Stella x

Day 10 juice only day

Grapefruit juice for breakfast! I love it it makes me feel very light and full of energy. So unexpected as I’ve always enjoyed a filling breakfast such as oats, chia seeds with ground nuts and seeds on top. I was dreading giving up my breakfasts yet I’ve realised it’s in our minds. If we can open our minds and push outside of our comfort zone, amazing things can happen, the unexpected can happen.
Was suppose to have watermelon juice for lunch I substituted with green juice as have lots of cucumbers we’ve grown in our polytunnel.
I made a blueberry smoothie for dinner.
I’ve not missed eating atall. It’s odd because I am not sure if I’m hungry or not at the moment, my tummy feels different inside. It’s a good feeling but not one I’ve experienced before.

My mantra for today!