Raw No cheese and chive mayo!

Try this beautiful creamy mayo in a raw taco. It hits so many spots. Bring it on!!


Cashew Nut Mayo Cheesy Chive
Half cup soaked cashews (soaked in healthy water, not tap! for 4 hours if possible)
Juice of half lemon
Drizzle of sesame oil
A tablespoon of chopped onion
Salt only a little (Celtic sea salt)
Agave syrup 2 tsp or a couple of dried dates
Dried chives or fresh if possible 1 tbsp
Pinch turmeric
If you like more of a cheesy taste you can add a spoonful of nutritional yeast full of B vitamins too.
Whizz up in your blender with some water to desired consistency.
Then enjoy immediately or saves for a few days in fridge.