How do you know you are receiving a genuine Psychic or Tarot reading?

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How Do I Know I Am Receiving a Genuine Psychic or Tarot Reading?

“Trust your intuition, for the Tarot is a mirror to your soul.”

Tarot readings and Psychics have fascinated people for centuries. They offer a glimpse into the mysteries of life, providing insights, guidance, and a touch of the mystical. Yet, in today’s world, where the digital realm intertwines with spirituality, how can you be sure that the Tarot reading you receive is genuine?

In this age of information, where the internet is flooded with self-proclaimed Tarot readers, it’s crucial to discern authenticity. Here are some key markers to help you identify a genuine Tarot reading:

1. The Reader’s Credentials

A credible Tarot reader will often have a background in spirituality, psychology, or counselling. They may have certification from reputable institutions or be part of recognized Tarot organizations. Check their qualifications and experience before seeking their guidance.

2. Respect for Ethics and Boundaries

A genuine Tarot reader is committed to ethical practices. They will respect your privacy, maintain confidentiality, and never exploit your vulnerabilities. Be cautious of readers who claim to remove curses or promise unrealistic outcomes. A Tarot reader will never contact you to ask you if you want a reading! Beware of scammers on social platforms who pretend to be professional readers and contact you in your inbox. Delete, Report and Block!

3. Transparency

An authentic Tarot reader is transparent about their process. They’ll explain the reading’s purpose, the spread used, and the significance of each card drawn. They won’t rely on vague statements or scare tactics.

4. Focus on Empowerment, Not Dependency

A sincere Tarot reading empowers you. It provides guidance and insight to help you make informed decisions. Be wary of readers who instil fear or dependency on their services.

5. Intuitive Connection

The best Tarot readings often stem from an intuitive connection between the reader and the seeker. You should feel a resonance with the reader’s energy and insights. Trust your gut feeling.

6. No Fixed Future Predictions

A genuine Tarot reading does not predict a fixed future. Instead, it offers possibilities and guidance based on your current energy and choices. Steer clear of readers who claim to foresee precise outcomes.

7. Reviews and Recommendations

Check for reviews and recommendations from previous clients. Honest testimonials can provide valuable insights into a reader’s credibility and the quality of their readings.

8. Cost and Payment Transparency

A trustworthy Tarot reader will clearly state their fees upfront. Beware of hidden costs or pressure to purchase additional services or products.

9. Personal Responsibility

Remember, a Tarot reading is a tool for self-reflection and guidance. Ultimately, you are responsible for your choices and actions. Genuine readers encourage personal responsibility.

10. Your Intuition

Above all, trust your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right or if a reader’s approach makes you uncomfortable, it’s perfectly acceptable to seek guidance elsewhere. Your intuition is your most valuable compass.

In conclusion, while countless Tarot readers are out there, finding a genuine one requires discernment and a keen sense of what resonates with your spiritual journey. Authentic Tarot readings can be transformative, providing clarity and insight, but always approach them with an open heart and a discerning mind.

Remember, the Tarot is a mirror to your soul, and a genuine reader is your guide on a journey of self-discovery.

Much Love

Stella x

The Spirit of your Soul wants to play.

How often do you play and allow your life to flow?

The easiest way to really, deeply, connect with your Soul is to play. Play is flow, your life force, Qi, Breath, Life itself…..

Play with ideas, create, get intimate with your intuition and third eye so you can navigate through life and feel Joy in your breath and align your Spirit with your Souls purpose 🧡

The only constant in life is change! Embrace the change and let go of the urge to control your life as you may just get in the way of something amazing that wishes to flow through you.

Much love Stella x

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2020 Energy Tarot Reading

In January I gave predictions for 2020 with the help of my guide Kharla. The reading makes alot of sense now. If you need some clarity and comfort amidst this chaos please feel free to have a listen and give me some feedback. I will aim to do another next week sometime.

Look after your mental, emotional, physical, energetic and Spiritual wellbeing now more than ever before. I will be sharing some tools for you to use during these challenging times such as meditation, Qigong and some self soothing techniques ❤

2020 Energy Tarot reading part one

2020 Energy Tarot reading part two

2020 Energy Tarot Reading part three

*I mention aromatherapy oils in these videos just a reminder that pregnant women should avoid lavender oil for the first trimester and avoid clary sage completely. Please check all contraindications before using any oils especially for children and pregnant women*

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Heart Centred Business Woman and Sexy Witch they match like Tea and Biscuits ❤

I love being a heart centred sexy witch and combining my love of magic and all things Witchy with the work that I love to do such as Tarot, Divination, Massage, Psychic Readings, Qigong, Clairvoyant.

I also run a monthly Pop up Goddess and Gods Temple where lots of amazing Sexy Witches gather together to rest, heal and support each other in a safe community just as women and Men have done since the beginning of time. I feel so blessed in my life and then I remind myself that I created all of this. I created all of this despite many hardships along the way.

I thank all of the pain, teacher’s along the way and those I’ve taught admist my journey.

I’ve travelled down many roads that could have led me to give up on life, give up on myself but that was never going to be an option as I am a Goddess! I am a Warrior!

When life has beaten me down with things such as being homeless, in abusive relationships, debilitating illness, loss of both of my parents, loss of my first true love when he was only 19, sexual abuse and rape. I made a choice to help others with my pain to be the wounded healer and offer empathy and hope to my clients to help other Goddesses & Gods rise up!

If you are reading this and you feel there is no hope! I assure you there is! Have faith in your self, rise up like the Goddess or God that you are. Remember you are made of Stardust you are unique and the world needs your talents and we all have talents even if you’ve not discovered yours yet. I assure you it is there.

To discover your talent look within, meditate and explore the world through a childs eyes. What lit you up when you was young? What did you want to be when you grew up? Go search for it and do whatever lights you up. This life is for living! Enjoy it as much as you can ❤ even in the darkest times of our lives there is always a positive it’s the law of the universe of the Dao that’s why I love Tai Chi and Taoist philosophies. Tai Chi saved mine and my youngest Daughters life but i’ll share more of that another day.

I do love it when my amazing client’s leave a review ❤ I feel truly blessed to work with the cilents I do.

Have faith in yourself! Your vibe attracts your tribe and I love my working life.

It’s taken alot of hard work, sacrifices and sleepless nights to achieve my business goals but totally worth it. My best piece of advice if you are just starting out fully self employed is be led by your heart and focus on what gifts you can bring to the world ❤ then you cannot go wrong ❤
Have an amazing day everyone!

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13 ways to become a 2020 Goddess

It’s taken me many Moons to fully embrace my Inner Goddess

If you are reading this you are already there or would like to connect more with your inner Goddess and embrace her Power and accept her Beauty!

So what is a Goddess…. My own personal opinion…. a Goddess is a strong yet gentle woman who knows how to own her shit and rock her beauty inside and out.

Most of us on the Path of the Goddess didn’t just arrive here floating along on fluffy clouds. We were dragged along by our hair with tears, grazed knees, blood stains and scars inside and out.

We stood up to be counted in a society that is doing it’s best to squash us down or burn us at the stake… 2020 is the Year to claim your Goddess status if you haven’t already.

Here are my 13 ways to become a 2020 Goddess

1. You own your Shit!! You take the time to check out your feelings, thoughts and words before you act or speak. If you do mess up and project your shadow onto other’s you stand up and own it.

2. To be a Goddess in 2020 you need to Speak Your Truth and Use Your VOICE!! This includes shouting from the roof tops if that’s what you are inspired to do or Singing, Writing poems, Chanting, disagreeing or encouraging your fellow Goddesses and Gods. Do not hold back!

3. Connect in deeply with Your Body and Your Sexuality! Accept the parts of you that you would prefer to ignore, hate on or neglect. Love that Mummy Tummy or Your Womb that denied you having a Mummy Tummy. Love your labia even though it doesn’t look like some you may have seen in porn or on some cosmetic programme. Love and accept all of you like the Beautiful Goddess You Are!!

4. Stop comparing yourself to others. You are not them, never will be!! You are Unique embrace your Uniqueness and flaunt it even if that is something that society suggests is ugly or doesn’t conform. Embrace it anyway!

5. Love with all of your Heart and if you struggle to Love someone Love them even deeper! We are all One and by rejecting others we are rejecting ourselves.

6. Put yourself First on your To Do List because if you do not look after yourself you will not be able to look after anyone else!

7. Make 2020 the Year to tap into your inner Goddess like never before what does she desire, what do you desire? Go catch your dreams and desires.

8. Make Nature your Church Mother Gaia is our Mother and she needs healing and appreciation just like we do. Recycle more, find ways to create less waste, make gifts, cookies or swap talents rather than buying more stuff we don’t need.

9. Nourish our Mini Goddesses and Gods as they are our future, teach them boundaries, how to self love, how to speak up, how to stay tapped into creativity, how to love Mother Gaia, how to communicate, how to build a community, how to light a fire, how to bake, how to relax, how to ask for help.

10. Meditate, Practice Qigong, Yoga, Pilates, Walk in the woods, Dance, Laugh, Play, Create, Sleep well, Eat well, nourish your Mind Body & Soul!

11. If you haven’t found Your Tribe go find them as we are designed to live in communities and support each other. Set up a group, join a group, get out of the house if you are luckily enough to have a home and socialise with other humans. It’s good for your nervous system when with the right people.

12. Be Your Authentic Self! Show up in the World and share your Unique Gifts there is no room for holding back in 2020 get out there and do it. If it terrifies you! do it sooner!!

13. Find a Ritual that you love Ritual’s are good for the Soul. Sex Magic, Manifesting, Moon Magic, Spells, Journaling it’s all good for the Soul and every 2020 Goddess is tapped into her Magic.