My Six Pack Revolution!

Today is Day Three of Seventy-five of My Six Pack Revolution!

Time for a challenge….. Time to work deeper, harder, softer, kinder to my body!

Why do I need a challenge after a challenging eight years of going through a relationship breakdown, being stalked for seven years, PTSD, a car accident, and the loss of a dear Friend, Cat, Doggy and my Father?

It feels as though I am only just coming up for air.

Throw Menopause into that mix and a few situationships…. yes you read that right situationships! It’s not a relationship. It’s a situation lol

However, this is a different kind of challenge, connecting deeper with my Physical, Spiritual and Emotional self. Finding myself again….

A Dear friend signed up for The Six Pack Challenge, and She is smashing it! After my initial Yuk moment, as I am not a fan of a Six Pack and have never wanted one. I thought it was a diet, and personally, I don’t like diets. I feel they are mentally, physically and emotionally unhealthy in every way! I mean, the word “DIET” contains the word “DIE”. This is so much more than a Focus on achieving a Six Pack which Scott refers to this as The Six Pillars.

Anyhow, I digress… After my initial reaction, I listened to what my friend had to say and did some research, I found a YouTube interview with Scott Harrison sharing his story with Dr Alka Patel.

I was moved, intrigued and delighted as this sounded like a beautiful concept. A mindful approach to Eating Your Way Healthy combines The Law of Attraction and Physical Exercise with group Support and Coaching.

Everything I encompass in my life needs a Holistic approach, and I feel Scott has nailed this, he has helped so many people transform their lives.

The biggest Win is that the Six Pack Revolution is Vegan and gluten-free friendly. Check out Scott’s recipe book here. This leads me to my next point….

I  have decided to blog about My Six Pack Revolution Journey because on the 1st of April 2024, I will have been vegan for twelve years, and this has led me full circle to when I first started blogging in 2011 about one of many cleanses I completed. Read my post here.

So my first few days on the Six Pack Revolution have been delightful… kind of, in a slightly sadistic way.

I am only joking; I have loved the exercises even though they have challenged me as I am navigating a spinal injury and Meno Jelly Belly. I do like making words up, so if you are a member of the word police, you may need to meditate after reading my posts, as grammar isn’t my strong point, as I am sure you would have noticed by now 🙂

So, my strength has already improved after only a few days. I am feeling stronger, and I love my meals. It is all the types of food that I love to cook and create alongside yummy smoothies and drinking plenty of water, which I love.

I am a bit of a water snob; I like distilled water, and I’ve been distilling my water for about ten years.  To clarify, distilled water is not a requirement for the Six Pack Revolution!

I will share some videos, before pics, food pics, etc, as the weeks go on.

Here is a teaser of a slice of Carrot Cake is is absolutely delicious. A slice of carrot cake on a white plate.

See you later, alligator!

Stella x

Find The Six Pack Revolution Programmes Here

I am not affiliated in any way. I am just sharing my journey x



The Spirit of your Soul wants to play.

How often do you play and allow your life to flow?

The easiest way to really, deeply, connect with your Soul is to play. Play is flow, your life force, Qi, Breath, Life itself…..

Play with ideas, create, get intimate with your intuition and third eye so you can navigate through life and feel Joy in your breath and align your Spirit with your Souls purpose 🧡

The only constant in life is change! Embrace the change and let go of the urge to control your life as you may just get in the way of something amazing that wishes to flow through you.

Much love Stella x

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