4 Elements of Touch

Water Element

Firstly I would like to answer a few common questions I get asked about No Hands Massage.

  1. It is not Reiki or a non touch type of massage
  2. I do use my hands to apply the oil and for gentle strokes
  3. I use my forearms, thighs and knees which offer very deep and powerful massage strokes
  4. No Hands is a “Gentle Giant” so although it is powerful it does not involve pain
  5. You receive the treatment in your underwear and you are covered with a towel. The only area exposed is the area I am Working on at any given moment
  6. I use oil to enable me to glide across your skin and make it a pleasurable experience for you.
  7. I play music that compliments your treatment
  8. Each treatment is tailored individually for each of my clients
  9. I offer you a snack or some homemade chocolate after your treatment
  10. My Sanctuary room is a safe place and what we share in that space is confidential

My most popular treatment is the 4 Elements Massage so I thought I would share more about this powerful treatment in a series of blogs. Today I am focusing on The Element of Water.

4 Element Water Massage is a nurturing treatment that offers the gentleness of the flowing river to the unmistakable strength of the fast action rapids.

You can allow the water to release stuck emotions, ease muscle aches, pains and calm your mind. You can get lost in the rhythmic flow and relax into your treatment. If you are wanting more speed I can speed up the strokes with the Tai Chi style moves and you can ride the waves and experience the spirals of energy and release that will be created.

I use my own recipe massage oil that I blend it is delightfully rich and nourishing for the skin and has a heavenly scent of my carefully chosen aromatherapy oils.

Traveling downstream in a raft
We paddled, we splashed and we laughed
At the end of the day
Each was changed in some way
Forever reshaped by the craft
B Baum, Concho – AZ

Narcissists LOVE to snack on a Tasty Empath!

Narcissist is a word that is thrown around ALOT nowadays. Narcissists are real! They could be Your Lover, Mum, Dad, Friend, Co worker, Boss, Church or Spiritual leader, Guru, Neighbour, Sibling, Child etc etc They are not a rare specimen that is in a museum or sci fi movie, they are walking among us and many more are in the making as I type these words.

Have you been a narcissists snack? Maybe even main course or buffet style that they snack on whenever they fancy piling up their plate. Narcissists leech life from your Soul, Blood from your veins and dull the twinkle in your eye.

How do you know you’ve been a narcissists snack…. Trust me you will know! It’s that sicky feeling deep in your belly, an inner knowing that something is off but you have no evidence as they are masters of disguise. It’s feeling drained after spending time with them, it’s a dizzy, spinning feeling in your head. Your thought’s running wild and wondering if you are going crazy.

As an Empath we always want to see the best in everyone and feel that the world is full of love and light! Yes on a Quantum level it is and at a Soul level we are all Love and Light…. However I have news for you!

You may have been fortunate enough to have discovered this the hard way already! A Narcissist DOES exist and THEY will suck the life from your veins and enjoy watching you fade away. And yes I did say Fortunate because a Narcissist is here to show you your weaknesses and your leaky boundaries that have possibly, most probably come from childhood or past life wounds.

Past life? You may be thinking “I do not believe in past life” I have news for you! You inherited your genes from your ancestors so Yes you do have a past life and thanks to some scientist torturing some innocent mice, science has now proven this to be to true! Trauma is embedded in our genes!

Here is a great article with more information regarding inherited traumahttps://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2018/10/trauma-inherited-generations/573055/

All of the science aside I know as a Holistic Practitioner and Bodyworker that we hold many traumas in our body and cells. The Neurotouch and Energy healing sessions that I provide my clients have given me the evidence time and time again. Spirit have shown me traumas and unhelpful patterns that my clients have inherited from generations before.

To sum up my musing’s for today even though you may or may not have been a Narcissists snack or entire meal. There is light at the end of that of very dark and sometimes long tunnel. A Narcissist or Narcissists can be our biggest healing modality if we are willing to accept our own shadows.

I will be sharing more on this topic as it’s VERY close to my Heart!

Much Love to you and know there is Life after a close encounter with a Narcissist! x