Feeling bloated! Christmas aftermath of too much cooked food! Miss Farty Pants!

Happy New Year ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope 2014 brings you all you wish for and more!
Christmas was fantastic, spent lots of time with my family. We had lots of laughter, too much food and not enough salad!
I’m feeling rather yucky!
It has been a great experience….. Why ? Because without the Yin we do not appreciate the Yang. Check out this video explanation http://youtu.be/0BgThtHsakU
We have to have the opposite to appreciate things.
Without darkness, how would we appreciate the light ?
Without sadness, how would we appreciate happiness ?
Without feeling unwell how would we appreciate feeling well ?
You get the idea ๐Ÿ™‚

Its approaching nine years now since I gradually integrated more raw foods, juices and fermented drinks/foods. I have been eating predominantly Raw food living foods for near on two years now! My 2nd Vegan Birthday is coming up on 1st April ๐Ÿ™‚
I do not see this bloated, aching body as a negative, I’m not beating myself up! I realise its all part of my journey.
It’s come to show me the polarity of cooked versus raw food diet!
How do I feel ?
I feel bloated, heavy, lethargic, my knees hurt, my ankles ache, I smell different! Yes I smell musty again! When you consume mostly living raw foods you smell fresher! The worst side effect has been constant wind, yes I’ve turned into farty pants. Not attractive really ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve not been sleeping as well and my connection to Spirit is not as strong.
I will not do this again next Christmas, why did I do it this Christmas ? To fit in, laziness, greed, self sabotage to name a few.
Next Christmas I will plan at least a month in advance like I did last year, last Christmas I lost weight.
During Christmas I have remained on a Vulcan, dairy free, egg free, vegetarian diet, I’ve eaten far too many Yin foods(acid forming) such as roast potatoes, nuts and some crisps.
What I’ve realised though is its not what I’ve eaten! Its what I’ve not eaten! I’ve not had enough Yang foods (alkaline forming) such as juices, salads, sprouts or fermented foods/drink.
I didn’t practice my Tai Chi and Qi Qong enough either, Tai Chi oxygenates the blood and is a Yang (alkalising) activity.
I am getting back on track now and feeling better already. I am looking forward to the aching in my knees and ankles to disappear.
I felt 10 years older and that’s not where I want to be.
I will continue to keep you posted on how I’m feeling, will be interesting to see how long it takes for my body to recuperate.
I have some great new Healthy Raw recipes to share, watch this space!
Be In Spirit
Stella x