28 Days Raw Day Two

I got up today feeling good. I have been working on the happiness exercises that are included in the program. Its quite interesting thinking about what makes us happy! I have been focusing on small things that make me happy. Moments that make me happy. Feelings and thoughts that make me smile.
Today I had some fruit for breakfast, salad with a few walnuts for lunch and nut sushi for dinner they were scrummy and filling. I couldn’t eat them all so I have saved some for lunch tomorrow. I went to the cinema tonight with my partner, I decided to make myself some raw chocolate to take with me as a treat. I have been craving chocolate for a while now. I made a concious decision to allow myself some as a reward for all my hard work. Its so much nicer when we have the head space to consult our cravings, debate with them and make an informed choice. I made raw chocolate with crushed hazelnuts, I took a small amount in a bag to eat during the film. I put a couple of straws in my bottle of water to make it feel special. One massive lesson I have learnt is the rituals of my eating habits.
If we can change the ritual just slightly each time a new healthier ritual replaces old habits.
I am going to have a Shrek Juice in the morning. I am going to really increase my exercise for this 28 Day Challenge to really kick start my body.

28 Days Raw Day One

Yesterday I finished the 21 day Garden Cleanse and today I am starting 28 Days Raw. I am really pushing the boundaries here. I am loving the challenge and embracing the changes. I have learnt so much about myself and others during my journey so far.

I started today with freshly squeezed orange juice, avocado salad for lunch with pine nuts and chilli.

Dinner I had tabbouleh salad made with hemp seeds, avocado, chilli, garlic and onion it was delicious. It was so nice I dived in without taking a photo.

I am looking forward to see what other changes take place as my body is allowed to go deeper into cleansing itself.

Day 17 only 4 days to go!!!!

I am feeling very motivated today. I have created a gorgeous no-meat sesame ball after being inspired by yesterdays dinner of raw falafel. I put some chilli, onions and garlic to marinade in some olive oil overnight. For lunch today I had a chilli salad with no-meat balls and avocado pear. I have had a busy few days and needed something filling and comforting. This hit the mark it was yummy! I am having a pear, pineapple and orange juice for dinner tonight. I have been busy on the computer today preparing my courses I will be teaching over the next ten weeks. I have three courses running for parents at local schools and one for a drug and alcohol drop in centre. They are Raising Hopes and Aspirations, Healthy Lifestyle, Tai Chi and Cooking on a budget.
I love my job and feel very honoured to work with diverse groups of learners. I learn something new on every course I teach about myself and others.


Day 16 Yay! Week 3 Day two!

I am so pleased with myself for getting this far with only a couple of hiccups. It has been an amazing journey of self discovery.
I have lost 5 pound in the last two weeks. I am noticing how my shape is changing. I have lost belly fat and my face has changed. Its odd because I dont quite recognise myself. This week I am going to get creative with my menu. I am going to experiment with juices.
i have felt no ill effects from the cooked food I ate.


Day 15

Day 15 last week of my 21 Day Garden diet Raw food Cleanse!

I am really looking forward to this week as I can be creative with the menus.
Today I had banana and orange juice breakfast.
Peppery salad with nut dressing and avocado.
I skipped a meal today because of working so many hours.
I have decided to have a juice of some kind for breakfast or fruit. Experiment with additions to my salads.
It is colder here in the UK and im less tempted to eat cold meals. I remove foods from the fridge in advance and I have used the dehydrator just to take the edge of my salads.
Bring It on!
A hobby of mine is taking photographs I also enjoy editing the images. This one below was a beautiful flower from the south of France. It reminds me of Beauty Within each and everyone one of us.

Day 11 Water fast

Water fast! It’s been an interesting day, it’s odd because I haven’t felt hungry. No hunger pangs, I think my tummy is getting used to the emptiness feeling. Its liberating knowing I can do it! I’ve only had water with a few slices of lemon in to flavour. I cooked a meal for the family, well heated actually. It smelt good, I had a bath and meditated whilst they ate. I’ve been working all day teaching Tai Chi, drove quite alot. I’ve had no ill effects as yet. I have felt great today, full of energy and very happy. I am ready to sleep now though.
Looking forward to a juice in the morning.
Stella x

Day 9 Shrek Tuesday

Shrek Tuesday today 🙂
It’s green day today we are preparing our bodies for the water fast day on Thursday Day 11 half way through.
I made my juice using kale, cucumber (that we have grown), apples and orange juice.
I enjoyed the juice much to my daughters shock.
A big salad at lunchtime and another juice this evening.
I’ve worked out today, 20 minutes Zumba, Tai Chi and Meditation.
Bring on juice only day tommorow.
I am starting to prepare myself mentally for the water fast on Thursday. I am working and travelling alot on Thursday it would have been better having a day if rest, but let’s see! My confidence is growing daily it’s amazing really this cleanse is about so much more than food!

Day 8

Really starting to feel the amazing benefits of this cleanse 🙂 my tummy is the flattest I’ve seen it in a long time. I do not feel hungry, I have tons more energy. My thoughts are clearer and my emotions are settling. I will be recommending this cleanse to my clients. I am so proud of myself for sticking to this almost 100% I’ve made a few swaps with the menus for similar items. Yay bring it on!

Day 6 21 day cleanse

I had a disturbed nights sleep as I had my grandson overnight. I woke up feeling tired as you do in that scenario. Trouble is I felt awful, emotionally that is. Really heavy feeling, a deep sadness in my tummy. I struggled all day. I also felt quite weak and dizzy so I ate a few macadamia nuts and drank some coconut water. The physical symptoms eased off but not the emotional. We took the children out to a forest festival and I struggled to get into the spirit. It was a beautiful sunny day in a beautiful place yet I was feeling so blue. I trust this all part of my detox and hope I feel lighter tomorrow.
I had an elderflower presse whilst out and a mango lolly.
I made a curried coconut sauce as I missed the chowder. I put the sauce on raw butternut squash. Could only eat half. I am going to bed exhausted and feeling very low.

Day Two 21 Day …

Day Two 21 Day Cleanse
I had a slight foggy head when I woke up this morning it soon shifted once I got out of bed. I squeezed 3 grapefruits and an orange, it is gorgeous! I am surprised at how much it fills me up. I put together my vegetables for lunch and off I went to do a little bit of work before going to visit my Daughter and Grandson. We all went off for a walk to the woods. It was amazing in the woods today, the sun was shining allowing the light to filter through the trees. I took my mineralising salad and ate it sitting on a wooden bridge chatting with my Daughter whilst my Grandson had a nap. We finished off the trip with a fruit juice pitcher in the pub. You cannot buy precious days like today.
On the way home I went shopping for the rest of the ingredients on my shopping list.
I really wasn’t hungry when I got back. I made one kale wrap but couldn’t eat it, instead I made a mate tea with fresh lemon and ginger.
Before bed I did the 4 minute fat burner. I have really enjoyed the experience today of eating so light yet feeling so satisfied. I can sense a huge change in my attitude to food, this is welcomed. I realise how often I eat because I feel I should, I eat just in case I get hungry later if no food options available or I worry I may get tired. My favourite trick is stashing nuts in my car or bag just so I have something to hand.
Today ive learnt how powerful our thoughts really are! I know thoughts are very powerful! Especially our inner voice, who can build or destroy us in a nano second. Today it became so clear to me how influential our thoughts are with regard to what we eat and when.
I got some before shots of me today that I will add shortly.
Looking forward to what day 3 of my cleanse will reveal!
Refreshing Grapefruit Juice
Mineralising Salad
Me in the woods