My Six Pack Revolution!

Today is Day Three of Seventy-five of My Six Pack Revolution!

Time for a challenge….. Time to work deeper, harder, softer, kinder to my body!

Why do I need a challenge after a challenging eight years of going through a relationship breakdown, being stalked for seven years, PTSD, a car accident, and the loss of a dear Friend, Cat, Doggy and my Father?

It feels as though I am only just coming up for air.

Throw Menopause into that mix and a few situationships…. yes you read that right situationships! It’s not a relationship. It’s a situation lol

However, this is a different kind of challenge, connecting deeper with my Physical, Spiritual and Emotional self. Finding myself again….

A Dear friend signed up for The Six Pack Challenge, and She is smashing it! After my initial Yuk moment, as I am not a fan of a Six Pack and have never wanted one. I thought it was a diet, and personally, I don’t like diets. I feel they are mentally, physically and emotionally unhealthy in every way! I mean, the word “DIET” contains the word “DIE”. This is so much more than a Focus on achieving a Six Pack which Scott refers to this as The Six Pillars.

Anyhow, I digress… After my initial reaction, I listened to what my friend had to say and did some research, I found a YouTube interview with Scott Harrison sharing his story with Dr Alka Patel.

I was moved, intrigued and delighted as this sounded like a beautiful concept. A mindful approach to Eating Your Way Healthy combines The Law of Attraction and Physical Exercise with group Support and Coaching.

Everything I encompass in my life needs a Holistic approach, and I feel Scott has nailed this, he has helped so many people transform their lives.

The biggest Win is that the Six Pack Revolution is Vegan and gluten-free friendly. Check out Scott’s recipe book here. This leads me to my next point….

I  have decided to blog about My Six Pack Revolution Journey because on the 1st of April 2024, I will have been vegan for twelve years, and this has led me full circle to when I first started blogging in 2011 about one of many cleanses I completed. Read my post here.

So my first few days on the Six Pack Revolution have been delightful… kind of, in a slightly sadistic way.

I am only joking; I have loved the exercises even though they have challenged me as I am navigating a spinal injury and Meno Jelly Belly. I do like making words up, so if you are a member of the word police, you may need to meditate after reading my posts, as grammar isn’t my strong point, as I am sure you would have noticed by now 🙂

So, my strength has already improved after only a few days. I am feeling stronger, and I love my meals. It is all the types of food that I love to cook and create alongside yummy smoothies and drinking plenty of water, which I love.

I am a bit of a water snob; I like distilled water, and I’ve been distilling my water for about ten years.  To clarify, distilled water is not a requirement for the Six Pack Revolution!

I will share some videos, before pics, food pics, etc, as the weeks go on.

Here is a teaser of a slice of Carrot Cake is is absolutely delicious. A slice of carrot cake on a white plate.

See you later, alligator!

Stella x

Find The Six Pack Revolution Programmes Here

I am not affiliated in any way. I am just sharing my journey x



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