Are My Breast’s Even…. Enough!!

Am I Enough? Am I Too Much?

Am I great Mum…. Am I great Grandma….

Am I a Loyal Friend…….

Am I pretty enough?

Do I Talk Too Much? Am I Too Quiet?

Am I Sexy Enough?

Do I Think Too Much!!!!

Am I a good cook!

Are my Breast’s Even Enough?

Are My Thighs Too Big… Too Small!

Do I look Ok without makeup?

Fuck Yeah!!

I am More than Enough!

I am Stardust!

I am a Cosmic Goddess created with particles of Light!

Now Breathe and go to Sleep


Sweet Dreams x

Living in a Society where everything is expected to be perfect! Nature is perfect yet we do not see straight lines in Nature ❤ I am sure these words can resonate with many.

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