Day one and two of my 28 day Raw Spring Cleanse

Just a quick post as its bedtime.
Day one
I had 2 green juices, courgette pesto pasta, chai almond milk tea, raw cupcake and lots distilled water.
Day two
Green juice and a banana in morning. Went for a little jog, I mean little as its not my strong point and im only just recovering from whiplash.
Water throughout day, Green juice at 6 then off to a Zumba class then a bellydance class. I had a couple of vegan cookies during day that my Daughter had made me (rude not too 🙂
I’m feeling funky! I love the way I feel when starting a cleanse. I am taking it slow. I will be having banana almond milkshake for breakfast, a super salad for lunch with sprouts and some hemp oil, sunflower seeds and a little garlic, then a juice later in day. I will post in more detail the juices later.
Night night x



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