Carrot and Walnut Cake with Orange Cashew Nut Cream


Carrot and walnut cake
3 carrots use juicing pulp or grate
1 apple grated
4 apricots
8 dates
Juice of half lemon
Half cup walnuts made into flour with coffee mill or crush with rolling pin
1/4 cup flax meal
3 desert spoons psyllium husks
1 tbsp ginger powder
1tsp cinnamon
2 desert spoons coconut oil
2 desert spoons coconut sugar
1 cup pure water
Put all ingredients into food processor until resembles cake mix
Leave for 10 mins to absorb water
Spread on dehydrator tray. Dehydrate for 10 hours.
Enjoy on there own or with cashew nut cream.
Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚
Orange Cashew Cream
1 & 1/2 cup cashews ground into a flour with coffee mill then soaked in 1/4 cup water until soft
Juice and Zest of one Orange
Agave nectar syrup or Honey to taste
Drain excess water from cashews then blend until smooth
Add Orange Juice and half of Zest
Then add agave or honey
To really make pretty add cream to piping bag then pipe on.
Use rest of zest to decorate
Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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