28 days raw Friday day 12

I woke up feeling full of energy and really happy! I had my Grandson for the day today, he is 17 months old. So cute. I had watermelon juice this morning and took another one with me to the playgroup we went to. I was so determined to stick to raw today. At the playgroup they made homemade meals for everyone, it was for all the parents/carers and children to sit and eat together. I was with my sister I said to her they prob wont cater for vegans but not to worry I have juice with me. My sister said to the lady I am vegan and bless her she said no problem give me a minute. It was so nice to feel accepted, not made to feel odd or like I have two heads. She came back and said we have Mediterranean beans with orange and peppercorns, salad and new potatoes with herbs. I said yes! It was only a small plate luckily, some of the food is home grown. It felt very odd to be in a church hall eating such delicious food made with love! That is something I am very aware of! Food made with Love! It’s beautiful and that’s when it’s hard to say no to cooked food. I had almond milk with nutmeg for dinner. I didn’t feel any effects from the cooked food. This really is a challenge this week to keep 100% Raw.

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