28 day Raw Angry Monday!

I’ve woke up feeling very angry and agitated! Why are us Vegans/Raw Foodies the odd ones out ? We are the sensible ones! We care enough to try and make a change, yet we are penalized for our choices! We are looked at by some (not all) people as crazy, neurotic, weird, two headed beings! I can probably take all but the last one most days ๐Ÿ™‚ seriously though what is going on in the world! What is so weird about eating wholesome natural food that Mother Earth provides ? Oh it’s normal to eat food that has been made in a factory using ingredients that I cannot even pronounce, oh that’s fine! That’s normal! Yet little ol me eating natural food, I’m odd! To be honest I’m glad I feel this emotional about it because I am proud to be me! I am no longer going to make excuses or pretend I’m not hungry etc I am entitled to eat whatever I like without any questions asked. It’s my body, my life and my choice!! Today I have eaten fruit, salad with avocado pear, walnuts, goji berries, almonds and wasabi dressing.

2 Replies to “28 day Raw Angry Monday!”

  1. Hi Stella, if someone thinks you’re being odd, that means that they are being odd in respect to you. If they being odd, it is their issue, not yours. Being beyond what others think or feel means to be beyond what you think or feel, and this is where you can find freedom.

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