28 days Raw day Four

I have a long day ahead with lots of driving. I’ve prepared my lunch last night. I made a pizza for last nights dinner as felt I needed something filling wholesome and comforting. It was delicious. It’s that time of the month when some of us ladies need to think about cravings etc. I made some raw hazelnut chocolate the other night for the cinema so I had some of that last night and have saved some for today. I know it’s not on the plan but this is about me individualizing my Raw Food diet. I love chocolate, I do not need it! I enjoy it and at certain times of the month my body says Chocolate please sometimes I ignore sometimes I indulge in a few squares. I do not see this as an issue. In fact I enjoy it! Lets see what today holds. Here is a picture of my pizza it was amazing even if I do say so myself 🙂


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