Day 14 Easing out Sunday

Day 14 Easing out Sunday!
Yesterday didn’t go quite as I had planned 
I had my beetroot juice for breakfast and took one with me for lunch.
We visited a couple of English Heritage sites Lullingstone Villa Roman ruins, beautiful place and Lullingstone Castle and world gardens.
After these we made our way to our room. It was at a service station, not quite how it had been advertised. Lucky it was only a night we were staying. We went over to the shops at the service station to look on our phones for a local place to eat. As we were on the motorway everything was a fair drive. There was a Costa Coffee at the services I decided to have a Chai Soya Latte, I was fighting with myself in my head. I ended up
Convincing myself it was ok to have a latte. Not to bad on the grand scale of things. I drank half of a small latte, it was ok but whilst I was drinking I was thinking id much prefer a nut milk with some cinnamon. There is something so pleasurable about eating and drinking foods that I know are good for me as well as delicious.
After much searching and not much to choose from, we then decided on a Chinese Buffet restaurant. It advertised a salad bar. There was about 4 items on the salad bar that didn’t look very good. I buckled to the smell of hot Chinese food. I had some mushrooms in rice wraps and some mixed veg. I only ate a small amount and didn’t feel guilty.
Again back to my challenge of eating out! I am pleased with myself that I didn’t overeat at the Chinese.
My only concern is how will affect the cleanse.

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