Day 12 easing out of water fast!

I woke up feeling a bit low in energy yet know a juice will revive me. I started the day with a Shrek juice as I had lots of kale, cucumbers and pears to use up. It felt good to drink the juice.
The water fast brings lots of questions up ?? The first is how do people cope in the third world! Why are we so obsessed with food! With regard to people coping with so little food and water, I guess it’s just that coping, surviving. Us humans have amazing built in coping mechanisms. We are so rich nowadays that we rarely have to use them, I’m talking about our most basic coping mechanisms. Food, water, shelter. I feel lucky everyday for all that I have, the water fast really brings that home. That’s why I decided it would be easy for me because I’m doing this through choice, to benefit my body. How lucky am I! Because my mind was set that it was going to be easy, guess what it was! Our mind is our best friend or worst enemy. Why are we so obsessed with food ? Because we can be! That’s it! I really think its only because we can be. Also because the media, the higher powers that pull our strings want us to be too! It makes lots of fat cats even fatter! That’s my ramblings over for now.
I had coconut and pineapple juice for lunch
Almond milk at 4pm
I ate the almond bits from the milk as I do not have a vita mix at present.
I also had an avocado salad as I felt I needed something more.
Felt really good today.


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