Day 10 juice only day

Grapefruit juice for breakfast! I love it it makes me feel very light and full of energy. So unexpected as I’ve always enjoyed a filling breakfast such as oats, chia seeds with ground nuts and seeds on top. I was dreading giving up my breakfasts yet I’ve realised it’s in our minds. If we can open our minds and push outside of our comfort zone, amazing things can happen, the unexpected can happen.
Was suppose to have watermelon juice for lunch I substituted with green juice as have lots of cucumbers we’ve grown in our polytunnel.
I made a blueberry smoothie for dinner.
I’ve not missed eating atall. It’s odd because I am not sure if I’m hungry or not at the moment, my tummy feels different inside. It’s a good feeling but not one I’ve experienced before.

My mantra for today!

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