Day 7

Woke up feeling pants again today.
Bloated tummy.
Emotionally all over the place. I didn’t get out of bed until 12, I had to force myself to get out literally saying to myself come on get up and workout you will feel better. It’s amazing how at times our bodies want different from our mind or vice versa. I pushed myself out of bed My gums were bleeding I brushed them with salt that’s stopped it for now.
I decided to have the rest of the almond milk I made the other day. I strained out the bits and decided rather than waste them I’ll make another apple pie. I added a few macadamia and hazelnuts to the mix. Blended the apples with dates and cinnamon. I know this will be comforting food today. I’m hoping the nuts will help ground me emotionally abit too. I done a 25 minute workout, I could feel this was helping to push stuff through my system. I picked my daughter up from her girlfriends house then lay on the sofa and watched a film and ate my apple pie. It was a touching film, I had a few tears. It was called One Day.
I was still feeling unsettled after the film. I snapped at my girl over something trivial, felt really bad, went to bed and cried. I apologised to her, she understood bless her. I decided an early night was probably the best thing for me. I had alot of thoughts and feelings coming up about a situation that needed to be addressed.
I have been body brushing most days to help eliminate toxins. This is something I regularly do anyhow. I have been using aromatherapy oils too, made a gorgeous blend of patchouli, clary sage, lime and geranium. Geranium is very powerful in balancing emotions, clary sage is great for the nervous system and cleansing, lime lifts my mood, the earthly smell of patchouli is very grounding and It’s one of my favourites. I use sweet almond oil as a base, I use the oil all over my body and face. I have used this method of moisturising for 12 years now. I make a different blend every few weeks. I also use pure Shea butter on my skin i don’t use it everyday as its so rich.
Tomorrows a new day.

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