Day 6 21 day cleanse

I had a disturbed nights sleep as I had my grandson overnight. I woke up feeling tired as you do in that scenario. Trouble is I felt awful, emotionally that is. Really heavy feeling, a deep sadness in my tummy. I struggled all day. I also felt quite weak and dizzy so I ate a few macadamia nuts and drank some coconut water. The physical symptoms eased off but not the emotional. We took the children out to a forest festival and I struggled to get into the spirit. It was a beautiful sunny day in a beautiful place yet I was feeling so blue. I trust this all part of my detox and hope I feel lighter tomorrow.
I had an elderflower presse whilst out and a mango lolly.
I made a curried coconut sauce as I missed the chowder. I put the sauce on raw butternut squash. Could only eat half. I am going to bed exhausted and feeling very low.

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