Day 4 21 day cleanse

Day Four
I woke feeling tired this morning, I could sense that once I was up and moving I would feel great. Again I had this urge to move my body to shift stuff along, be it emotions or toxins. I done 15 minutes Zumba workout, I really noticed how much more energy I could put into the moves. Wow that felt great! I still have these emotions today and feeling some heaviness. I trust this will work its way through. I have been taking time to listen to my inner thoughts, it’s amazing how much buzzes around my head and how random some stuff is 🙂 I need to work on myself some more! It’s a never ending job I think working on ourselves. I constantly question myself and my actions towards myself and others. I do my best to be awake and aware. There is far too many people sleeping right now. WAKEY WAKEY is what I want to shout at times but I realise we are all walking our own path. We all choose our own destiny! Well that’s my belief! We have choices, always! Right now I am choosing to do this cleanse because it feels right for me and I’m so glad I am doing it. Life is for living and experiencing. Today I am teaching Tai Chi in residential homes I always find this a trying yet humbling experience each Thursday. I imagine what I would like to do with my life by the time I’m 80 . Some of the residents are still full of life, wit and humour even though their bodies may be giving up. Others are able bodied yet there mind is jumbled. I just hope I will be the cheeky one with the twinkle still in their eye that tells me they have enjoyed their life and will continue to do so for as long as possible. I’ve just eaten my sunflower pate for lunch, wasn’t very nice if I am honest. The flavour is good but the gritty consistency let it down. I really would love to add a vita max to my kitchen equipment. Back to work now.
Tonight I had butternut squash pasta freshly picked from our allotment yesterday

I made a tomato sauce with dates, sage, olive oil and macadamia nuts. A slight variation to the Zucchini pasta dish on my 21 day cleanse menu.
My emotions seem to have settled. I haven’t been hungry but have had a few cravings come up, I’ve taken the time to converse with those cravings to discover why.

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