Day Two 21 Day …

Day Two 21 Day Cleanse
I had a slight foggy head when I woke up this morning it soon shifted once I got out of bed. I squeezed 3 grapefruits and an orange, it is gorgeous! I am surprised at how much it fills me up. I put together my vegetables for lunch and off I went to do a little bit of work before going to visit my Daughter and Grandson. We all went off for a walk to the woods. It was amazing in the woods today, the sun was shining allowing the light to filter through the trees. I took my mineralising salad and ate it sitting on a wooden bridge chatting with my Daughter whilst my Grandson had a nap. We finished off the trip with a fruit juice pitcher in the pub. You cannot buy precious days like today.
On the way home I went shopping for the rest of the ingredients on my shopping list.
I really wasn’t hungry when I got back. I made one kale wrap but couldn’t eat it, instead I made a mate tea with fresh lemon and ginger.
Before bed I did the 4 minute fat burner. I have really enjoyed the experience today of eating so light yet feeling so satisfied. I can sense a huge change in my attitude to food, this is welcomed. I realise how often I eat because I feel I should, I eat just in case I get hungry later if no food options available or I worry I may get tired. My favourite trick is stashing nuts in my car or bag just so I have something to hand.
Today ive learnt how powerful our thoughts really are! I know thoughts are very powerful! Especially our inner voice, who can build or destroy us in a nano second. Today it became so clear to me how influential our thoughts are with regard to what we eat and when.
I got some before shots of me today that I will add shortly.
Looking forward to what day 3 of my cleanse will reveal!
Refreshing Grapefruit Juice
Mineralising Salad
Me in the woods

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