Day 3 21 day cleanse

Day three
I woke up feeling quite energetic, decided to do a 20 minute workout. My body is craving to move around more, I can feel the urge to really exert myself, very odd for me! I am not lazy and I love exercise but I do usually have to motivate myself for my Zumba or Martial Arts class. This is a buzz in my body to move and I’m loving it!!
I had my breakfast smoothie of orange and banana and I decided to swap my dinner of Apple Pie to lunch time. I made my apple pie effortlessly, packed in a bag and went off to the woods with my partner. We walked for over 2 hours it was beautiful. I felt really energized. It was warm and sunny when we left the woods so we decided to go to the beach. It was so nice to have a day off work together as my partner works shifts. The tide was in at the beach, we sat on the steps listening to the waves then went and had a lay down on the sand and fell asleep. Another perfect day! I am making the most of it as I get gradually busier over the next few weeks as my courses I teach in the schools begin. I wasn’t hungry this evening so I had a glass of coconut milk with some cinnamon.
I have noticed that I keep feeling emotional and a bit sad. Stuff coming up to be cleared I guess! It always amazes me how much our food affects our mental state and emotions. I finished off the day with a salt bath with some, clary sage, patchouli and lime to help release these emotions stirring up.
I look forward to what tomorrow may bring.
Stella x

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